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2009-07-25 23:15:29 by TheBurningFist


Marvel Collab

2009-07-23 20:40:06 by TheBurningFist

It's awesome and going along very well so far... so if you want go and check it out here see what's going on and I may do one too!

eh, so...

2009-07-15 14:44:36 by TheBurningFist

Nobody knows/cares, about my work. Well that's how all artist start out... I guess... except egoraptor of course... I mean his first is like his best.... oh well and this was the Fist signing off! OWO

Power Of Three

2009-07-09 23:06:11 by TheBurningFist

I'm really excited for the power of three contest... thing, anyways the two teams I have an eye out for is the team with Egoraptor (because they don't have a name), and team Kronecker Delta

Hey people...

2009-07-01 20:21:33 by TheBurningFist

Hey I'm so expected now that I'm on, but I won't be making any flash submissions soon Oh well. :P